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Once again, we need your help to keep Jose Gonzalez in prison

Thank you for signing our previous petition asking the California Board of Parole Hearings to deny parole to Jose Gonzalez, who murdered an innocent couple, Essie and James Effron, on the eve of their retirement. As we have previously reported, in July 2017 the board...

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We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Cathy Moriarty

I would like to thank Citizens Against Homicide and their members for all your support! On August 17, 2016 our family attended a parole hearing for Marvin James McMurphy at Folsom State Prison. Inmate McMurphy plead guilty to the attempted murder of David Pashilk and...

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Scott Fizzle’s parole hearing delayed for 2 years.

We have just been informed by the California Department of Corrections that Scott Fizzell has declined his hearing and it will now be delayed for 2 years.  We don't know why.  Thank you for your support.  In 2 years we will be doing this again, so hang on to the...

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