Support and a voice for families and friends of homicide victims

Jan’s Words: Your Vote Counts!

cah-newsletter-october-2016-1NO on 57 – NO on 62 – YES on 66.

VOTE NO on 57 – This is one more fancy-named proposition designed to release even more murderers and other violent criminals into our communities. Jerry Brown has a long history of manipulating voters with confusing rhetoric for his personal gain. He has demonstrated a total disregard for victim rights. Do not allow him to get away with this again.

VOTE NO on 62 – This will allow Governor Jerry Brown’s obsession to, once again, end the Death Penalty. During the 1970’s, Brown mislead the citizens of our State when he promised “Life Without Parole” . Since then, we have been inundated with murderers like Charles Manson manipulating our system with regular parole hearings. Let’s not repeat history.

VOTE YES on 66 – This will allow us to fix the system with reasonable limits and still maintain respect for our victims, their families, the people that serve on our jury’s and our judges that over-see that laws are followed.



CAH Objectives:

  • Assist families through the complicated criminal justice system.
  • Provide trial and courtroom support to victims.
  • Accompany victims to parole hearings in their endeavor to keep the convicted murderer in prison.
  • Provide information on pending crime legislation.

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We provide help with parole opposition.

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Were you the victim of a crime and the court ordered you restitution?

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation may have collected money for you.
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