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Scott Fizzle’s parole hearing delayed for 2 years.

We have just been informed by the California Department of Corrections that Scott Fizzell has declined his hearing and it will now be delayed for 2 years.  We don’t know why.  Thank you for your support.  In 2 years we will be doing this again, so hang on to the...

I will never forget Christina

Christina ann alexander Karlsen June 19, 1960–January 1, 1991 levi h. Karlsen February 3, 1985–November 20, 2008 Perpetual Evil By Shellie Cervantes I will never forget Christina. She and her father, Art Alexander, would frequent the small office supply business my...

Molly Marie Young – unique, compassionate, and talented.

Molly Marie Young – April 15, 1990–March 24, 2012 Three words to describe Molly Marie Young would be unique, compassionate, and talented. Molly had a great passion for the arts. She loved photography, music, and films. She had a fun whimsical side to her...

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