Parole Board Denies Release in ’92 Gang Slaying

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Harold Rigsby shot and killed Pierre Fortier because he had disrespected the Broderick Boys

(Woodland, CA) – February 17, 2017 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that on February 16, 2017 40-year-old convicted murderer Harold Rigsby was denied release at a parole hearing at RJ Donovan State Prison in San Diego, CA. This was Rigsby’s fourth denial of parole.

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No Representation, No Respect

By Susan Fisher, CAH Legislative Consultant

On November 9, immediately following the presidential election, CA Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and the Speaker of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon proved again that they do not represent all Californians and most certainly don’t represent crime victims in California.

Quote: “yesterday Americans expressed their views on a pluralistic and democratic society that are clearly inconsistent with the values of the people of California…… Californians overwhelmingly rejected politics fueled by resentment, bigotry, and misogyny”.

Per the New York Times on November 14, 9:01 EST: 3,215,549 Californians expressed that “inconsistent” viewpoint, along with much of the rest of the country. Twenty-six California counties had a majority of voters with that viewpoint, apparently “fueled by resentment, bigotry and misogyny”.

Quote: “California has long set an example for other states to follow. And California will defend its people…”

Really?? Kevin de Leon voted to pass AB 109; protecting criminals and causing many more victims of violence, including a 10-year-old girl who was taken from her bedroom at knifepoint and repeatedly raped by Tobias Summers, a repeat offender. There’s an example to follow; good job Kevin.

Quote: “California—a refuge of justice and opportunity for people of all walks, talks, ages and aspirations—regardless of how you look, where you live, what language you speak, or who you love”.

Gentlemen, did you mean to exclude 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis who was raped, tortured and murdered in Santa Maria by two men, one of whom was an illegal immigrant who had been arrested six times in 15 months prior to her death? Are you concerned about 32-year-old Kate Steinle and the opportunities lost when she was murdered in cold blood by another illegal immigrant in one of your “sanctuary cities”, a criminal who had been deported ve times? What about Jamiel Shaw Jr, who was only 17, and a high school football star when he was shot in the head by an “undocumented” (that’s PC for illegal, folks) gang member while he was walking home? How about Detective Michael Davis, Deputy Danny Oliver, Of cer Tony Zeppetella, Deputy David March, CHP Of cer Gregory Bailey, Deputy Daniel Oliver and many, many other members of law enforcement?

Where is the refuge for the law-abiding, legal citizens of this beautiful state? Who are you defending? Where is this justice you are bragging about?

Quote: “While Donald Trump may have won the presidency, he hasn’t changed our values”.

Seriously guys, what values are you bragging about? Because the Governor of this state just managed to pass three horsemen of the apocalypse in California… AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 57; and he did it by lying to the voting public who cannot possibly wrap their brains around the fact that “non-serious/non-violent” includes rape of a an unconscious person and placing an explosive device on school grounds or in a hospital (along with numerous other special, violent acts) because, frankly, that’s just plain stupid.

So really, let’s hope that President Elect Trump, or SOMEBODY will “change our values”. Because, frankly, it’s you who are the threat to our constitution and (as a multiple generation native Californian) I’m getting really tired of being embarrassed while the rest of the country laughs, watching you “defend your accomplishments”.

No 62, Yes 66 – Mend, Don’t End, California’s Death Penalty

Posted on FB by Jodi Wolf Keesee:

I thought I would share a letter my husband wrote to Governor Brown sent via email through the state’s website. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a response but maybe if the silent majority spoke up we can make a difference.  Something has to change, something has to give!


I worked WITH Steve Owen for more then ten years. I worked FOR him for three years. Steve was an icon on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and just a great street cop. He worked diligently through the years to lower the crime rate in the Antelope Valley which is the area he also called home. He mentored many young Deputies by leading them through his hard work. He could tolerate a mistake by anybody but would not tolerate laziness. He worked harder at 53 years old then most people at 23 years old. Although Steve could be intimidating, he was acually just a big teddy bear to those of us who had the honor to know him. His integrity and honor was second to none.

The Antelope Valley enjoyed a few years of great success in significantly lowering the crime rate. Steve was able to see that his hard work was paying off. Unfortunately his hard work was wiped away with the stroke of a few pens (AB109, P.R.C.S. and Prop 47). Without these early release programs, the criminal that murdered Steve would have probably still have been incarcerated.

Now your office wishes to dump more criminals onto the streets of California by pushing prop 57. A proposition which the Attorney General had the audacity to call “The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016”.

Steve despised these policies that you continue to push down the throats of the State of California.

I saw in an article that you offered your condolences but it is for the above listed reasons that you dont get to offer your condolences. We won’t allow you to disrespect his legacy. You represent the very thing he was against. Your political agenda supercedes doing what is right and that is something Steve Owen would never do. He would never compromise his morals for a dollar. We at Lancaster Sheriff’s Station do not accept your condolences.

Regarding Steve Owen’s murder suspect, it was already illegal for him to possess a firearm. Murder suspect’s do not care what gun laws you impose on us law abiding citizens.

Dave Keesee



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