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Governor Gavin Newsom

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA  95814

Re: Martin E. Walters – CDCR# E86183

       Opposition to Parole 

Dear Governor Newsom~

Kristine Suzzette Reyes

Please DO NOT grant parole to convicted murderer Martin E. Walters. On September 25, 1988, Kristine Suzzette Reyes (just two days shy of her 21st birthday) was kidnapped by gunpoint and horrifically murdered by Walters. Kristine died a most painful and gruesome death after a cloth, soaked in a chloride-type chemical used to make methamphetamine, was forced into her mouth by Walters. Bruising on her body and DNA under her nails was proof she desperately fought with her murderer for just one more breath. Martin Walters was sentenced and received a 25 Year to Life sentence.

After his last parole hearing, Walters was advised to participate in various self-help programs in order to gain a positive reaction from the parole board. He was never interested in self-help programs prior to this, as he has never accepted responsibility for his role in Kristine’s homicide. Astonishingly, he has received no direct mental health therapy for his sociopathic actions and behavior.

Martin E. Walters must be held accountable for his unconscionable murder of Kristine. Due to his complete disregard for human life, lack of remorse, the heinous nature and brutality of this crime and criminal history, justice demands this convicted murderer be denied parole. He must remain behind bars, where he can never again harm another innocent human being.

Governor Newsom, just for a moment, try to place yourself in the shoes of Kristine’s family. Their lives have never been the same. A part of them died the day Walters made a personal decision to execute innocent, beautiful Kristine. She had so much to offer this world; so much of life ahead of her. Her dreams of a future in the arts and music came to an abrupt end on September 25, 1988, when Walters decided to use her vicious murder as an example to others. He fed off fear and power and will continue this behavior today if released. He clearly continues to be a danger to public safety and society.

Please support Kristine’s family and friends. Do not allow this murderer another opportunity to demonstrate his obsessive, compulsive, brutal and entitled behavior. Deny parole to convicted murderer, Martin E. Walters, for the maximum time allowed by State of California law.

Thank you for your consideration.