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The family of Carl Dan Claes, is requesting our help in keeping his murderer behind bars where he belongs.  Jason Angelo Merritt (age 17) planned, stalked and carried out the execution-style murder of Carl Dan Claes (age 14) for financial gain. His criminal past includes (but is not limited to), stealing, bullying, extortion, gang association, a prior shooting, and murder). He has never expressed remorse for the brutal, senseless murder of Carl Dan Claes and continues to pose a tremendous risk to society/public safety.  Please copy/paste/sign the following letter and send to the Board of Parole Hearings today. Thank you for your support.

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Board of Parole Hearings

ATTN: Pre-Hearing Correspondence

P.O. Box 4036

Sacramento, CA  95812-4036

RE: Jason Angelo Merritt– CDCR# K-44844

       Parole Hearing Date:  April 23, 2019 

       Ironwood California State Prison 

Dear Chairman and Parole Board Member~

Please DO NOT grant a parole date to convicted murderer, Jason Angelo Merritt. On May 16, 1995, Merritt, with a co-defendant, placed Carl Dan Claes (“CD”), age 14, in a van and drove him to a remote area where he was marched down a dirt trail and shot in the back of the head execution-style. Merritt and his co-defendant then left the scene, returned and put two more bullets in Carl Dan’s head while he laid unconscious bleeding to death. They took his wallet, his pager and a cross his Mother had given to him and then left to eat fast food all the while using “CD’s” pager to brag to friends that he committed a murder. Merritt was convicted of first-degree murder with special circumstance and being vicariously armed with a gun. The conclusion of a Fitness Hearing in juvenile court (WI 707), was that Merritt was fit to stand trial as an adult. The motive for murdering “CD” was financial gain (a $2,500 sound system his grandfather and mother had purchased for him). 

As a matter of record, Jason Angelo Merritt’s criminal history is remarkably extensive given his age (17 years old at the time he murdered “CD”). The trial judge, during sentencing, made reference to Merritt’s criminal history, that he had been stealing and extorting items from people in order to maintain his lifestyle of methamphetamine usage.

Since notification of the parole board hearing scheduled for April 23, 2019 at Ironwood State Prison, Carl Dan’s mother has had to relive the horrendous nightmare of her only son’s execution-style murder; a young boy with life and a bright future ahead of him. Carl Dan’s family has never been the same since his murder.

Because of Merritt’s complete disregard for human life, lack of conscience/remorse and past criminal history, there is a high probability he will reoffend and pose a significant risk to society/public safety. Jason Angelo Merritt made a personal choice to execute an innocent boy and must continue to accept the consequences of his actions. Justice demands that this convicted murderer be denied parole.

Please deny parole to Jason Angelo Merritt, convicted 1st Degree murderer with Special Circumstance and being vicariously armed and ensure he stays behind bars for the maximum time allowed by State of California law.


Thank you for your consideration~