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Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA  95814


RE:  William Walter Nichols

        CDCR #C91961


Dear Governor Brown~

During a recent parole hearing, convicted murderer William Nichols was found suitable for a parole date.  On September 13, 1983, Nichols brutally murdered two innocent people, Michael Gene McDonald (age 27) and Nichols’ ex-girlfriend, Susan Mendrin (age 25).  Mike had just met Susan six (6) weeks prior to the murders. The meeting on the 13th was to be the third time Mike had seen her.  Nichols waited around the corner from Mike’s house until he saw Susan arrive at Mike’s front porch and then he drove his pickup across the lawn.  As Susan screamed, Mike ran out of the house and was confronted by Nichols brandishing a .357 magnum.  Nichols shot Mike six times and then turned the gun on Susan, shooting her twice in the head.  This murderer’s reign of terror did not end here. He fled the scene and later attempted to kill an innocent father and his daughter (age 4) by ramming into them with his pickup. A good Samaritan attempted to reach in the truck for the keys and he, too, barely escaped death when Nichols shot at him two times. Nichols sped away just missing several pedestrians and then purposely tried to run down two police officers before he was finally stopped. Tell me, is this the behavior of a sane individual?

William Nichols did not have a trial. He was sentenced by a judge to 25 Years to Life for each victim and is serving the sentences concurrently. 

During this recent parole hearing, Mike McDonald’s family was, once again, forced to relive the horrific events that led to his brutal and senseless murder. Their lives have never been the same.  Because of William Nichols’ complete disregard for human life and sense of entitlement, justice demands this convicted murderer be denied a parole date.  He made a personal choice to lay in wait and to execute two innocent young people (and terrorize countless others). He must now accept the consequences of his actions.  

Mike McDonald so enjoyed life and had a wonderful future ahead of him. But all his hopes and dreams were shattered on September 13, 1983 by the actions of this murderer. Mike does not get a second chance at life; he is gone forever.  Therefore, William Nichols does not deserve a second chance or the privilege of freedom.  

Please deny parole to convicted murderer, William Walter Nichols for the maximum time allowed by State of California law.

Thank you for your consideration.