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It’s easy to help.Copy the parole opposition letter and mail it to the Board of Parole Hearings before October 30, 2018.

For your confidentiality, do NOT put your return address on the letter, only on the outer mailing envelope.


Board of Parole Hearings


P.O. Box 4036

Sacramento, CA 95812-4036



Dear Chairman and Parole Board Member,

Please DO NOT grant a parole date to convicted murderer, Larry Banks. On May 10, 1977, Susan Vallin (age 20) was walking through her Central Fresno, CA neighborhood when she was forced into an ally, sexually assaulted and murdered. She was found lying in a pool of blood, partially nude and had received numerous stab wounds to her neck. Fresno Police Department investigation produced no leads/suspects. However, preserving the clothing Susan was wearing that night later led them to the suspect (Larry Banks).

In 1999, after advances were made in DNA technology, Fresno Police detectives turned over Susan Vallin’s clothing to the Department of Justice. Almost ten (10) years later, federal investigators found a match. Larry Banks was currently serving a 30-year sentence for a 1993 robbery.

In September 2009, (32 years after Susan’s murder), a Fresno County jury convicted Larry Banks of the 1977 murder of Susan Vallin. He is to remain behind bars for the rest of his miserable life.

It is a crime and a terrible lack of justice that this convicted murderer is entitled to a parole hearing at all. Per the United States Supreme Court decision, “State prisoners have no constitutional right to parole”. 

Although commitment offense is now rarely considered by the Board during parole hearings (inmate population seems more of a concern), it is hoped you will think about this murderer’s victim, 20-year-old Susan Vallin and take into consideration Banks’ brutal and unconscionable act of violence. Banks’ personal choice to rape and execute an innocent young woman cannot be ignored by this Board. It took 32 years for her family to see justice. Does it seem right that nine (9) years later this convicted murderer has been granted a parole hearing? 

Please show your support for Susan Vallin’s family and friends by keeping her rapist/murderer behind bars where he belongs. Deny parole to convicted murderer, Larry Banks for the maximum time allowed (which is LIFE) by State of California law.

Your consideration is sincerely appreciated.


(For your confidentiality, do NOT post your return address on this letter and envelope).