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It’s easy to help.Copy the parole opposition letter and mail it to the Board of Parole Hearings before July 14, 2018.

For your confidentiality, do NOT put your return address on the letter, only on the outer mailing envelope.



Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners

1677 Old Hot Springs Road, Ste. A

Carson City, NV  89706-0677

RE:  Edward Preciado-Nuno, NDOC# 1064661

Parole Hearing Date:  July 24, 2018

Dear Commissioner,

In November 2008, this murderer unleashed an unconscionable act of vicious brutality on Kimberly Ann Long (age 31), his son’s girlfriend. His account of this unwarranted attack with a claw hammer changed with each story.  His son wanted to evict Kimberly from his residence and requested his father’s assistance. Preciado-Nuno was going to “put to rest the whole situation”. 

Preciado-Nuno boasted about “knocking her on her ass” and that he “nailed her good” (hardly acceptable language for a retired peace officer). Kimberly sustained 13 skull fractures; 6 to the back of the head (including a violently depressed skull fracture), blunt force trauma to the back of her shoulders and multiple contusions to the chest, torso, hip and thigh area.  There were shattered impact points at her kneecaps, legs, ankles, arms, wrists and hands. Her arm was broken. Kimberly was alive and breathing throughout this merciless bludgeoning!  Preciado-Nuno hated Kimberly with a vengeance, blaming her for all his son’s troubles. He also blames her for his actions of putting a swift end to her life and, at no time, does he ever accept personal responsibility.

Preciado-Nuno should be held to a higher standard given his past law enforcement background, i.e., FBI agent and deputy sheriff. His law enforcement background should have prevented him from taking such fatal measures. It is baffling and insulting to the family of Kimberly Ann Long that a jury could render a guilty decision for Voluntary Manslaughter given their option to convict for First Degree Murder. It is now time for the Parole Board to right this wrong. Because of his complete disregard for human life, the animalistic brutality, his complete lack of conscience and remorse, justice demands this convicted murderer be denied parole.

Edward Preciado-Nuno made a personal choice to execute Kimberly Ann Long and must continue to accept the consequences of his actions. He must remain behind bars so that he can never again harm another innocent human being. Kimberly does not get a second chance to live; she is gone forever. Therefore, Edward Preciado-Nuno does not deserve a second chance or the privilege of freedom. 

Please deny parole to convicted killer, Edward Preciado-Nuno for the maximum time allowed by State of Nevada law.

Thank you for your consideration.


(For your confidentiality, do not post your return address in this letter; only on outer envelope)