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Phillip and Kathy Ranzo’s family is requesting our help keeping their murderer behind bars (where he belongs)!  Following is a parole opposition letter which can be copied/pasted and then mailed to the California Board of Parole Hearings.  Your support is very much appreciated.

It’s easy to help. download the parole opposition letter template: RONALD RAY ANDERSON, sign it and mail it to the Board of Parole Hearings before December 20, 2017.

For your confidentiality, do NOT put your return address on the letter, only on the outer mailing envelope


Board of Parole Hearings

P.O. Box 4036

Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

ATTN: Pre-Hearing Correspondence



Dear Chairman and Parole Board Member:

Please DO NOT grant a parole date/hearing to convicted murderer Ronald Ray Anderson, CDC# C-17565.

On June 26, 1979, Ronald Ray Anderson and three other crime partners robbed, then murdered Phillip and Kathy Ranzo.  Kathy was raped by two of the crime partners.  On June 25th, the night before this heinous crime, Ronald Anderson was with Marty Don Spears when they robbed Leonard Luna.  Leonard Luna was hog tied and robbed.  One of the crime partners (Giesler) talked Spears out of murdering Leonard Luna.  Marty Don Spears then said – that when they commit robbery the following night, he will kill all those people.  Ronald Ray Anderson was with Marty Don Spears when he made this statement.  Ronald Ray Anderson was staying with Marty Don Spears and was fully aware of the premeditated plan to commit murder.

Ronald Ray Anderson was one of four crime partners that went to the Ranzo’s house and used the excuse they were out of gas to gain entrance to the house.  In this new subdivision, the phones were not working, so Phillip Ranzo offered them gas from his garage.  The garage is where they viciously and savagely murdered Phillip Ranzo.  Phillip Ranzo was hog tied, his throat slit and stabbed multiple times with a knife and ax.  Kathy Ranzo was stripped naked, brutally raped and stabbed multiple times with a knife and ax in her bedroom.

Ronald Ray Anderson was complicit with Marty Don Spears when they planned the murder.  Ronald Ray Anderson was complicit when he drove to Phillip and Kathy Ranzo’s house and he continued to be complicit throughout the entire robbery and murder.

It is inconceivable to think that the parole board will no longer consider the commitment offense.  Please think about what the murder victims endured at the hands of this calculated evil. Phillip and Kathy were executed in a horrific way and these horrific acts of violence should not be ignored by the parole board.

Please show your support for Phillip and Kathy’s family and friends by keeping their murderers behind bars where they belong.  Your consideration is sincerely appreciated


For your confidentiality, please do not post a return address on this letter, only on the mailing envelope.