The family of murder victim, Ron Ruse, has requested our assistance in keeping his murderer behind bars where she belongs



On December 14th, 1987, Ron Ruse, who was a son, brother, uncle, and friend to many was brutally murdered by his estranged girlfriend, Linda Ricchio. After he broke up with her, Linda began to stalk him and carried out a campaign of terrifying harassment against Ron, his girlfriend Vicki and others. Although he had a restraining order it proved to be useless. Ultimately she bought a gun and took shooting lessons, secretly rented the apartment next to his and lay in wait for him. On the night of December 14th, as he came home from work, she stepped out from the darkness and shot him at point blank range in the back. The hollow tipped bullets tore him apart on the inside and he died in the Life Flight helicopter on the way to the hospital. Before succumbing to his fatal wounds he fled the scene and found an angel of mercy in Janet Gupton. Hers was the last face he saw.

During her trial Linda was nicknamed the Fatal Attraction Killer by the press due to similarities to the crazy female character in the movie. She was convicted of 1st degree (premeditated murder) and illegal use of a firearm and sentenced to 27 to life for her crimes. She has been incarcerated ever since. In 2004 she became eligible for parole and has had 3 parole hearings to date. Her delinquent behavior in prison surpasses all imagination, such as marrying a prison guard (then divorcing him), stalking another prison guard, and finally suing the Department of Corrections. She was able to have her entire prison history (including her bad behavior) expunged from her file. Due to her lack of remorse and defiant behavior at her parole hearings she first received a 5 year denial of parole (the maximum at the time), followed by a 7 year denial. After having her file expunged, last May 2016 at her third hearing she received only a 3 year denial. At the hearing she refused to discuss her commitment offense at the hearing (yes they can do that). She still lacks any insight or remorse for what she did and blames Ron for putting her in the position of having to kill him.

At this most recent hearing, we were told by the parole commissioner that they are prepping her for release and we need to get ready. There is no way to get ready for a lifelong stalker to be released. We need your help. We have seen cases where significant public outcry is enough to extend a prison term so we have created a page called Justice for Ron. It would help us to have you share the page if you believe in our cause. Thanks in advance for your support as my family and I continue what has been a very long fight for Justice for Ron.

Attn: Administrative Review
Board of Parole Hearings
Pre-Hearing Analysis Unit
Post Office Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

Subject line to state “AR Victim Statement”

Inmates Name: Linda Ricchio
CDCR#: W32549
Location: California Institute for Women