You can help keep murderer, Reginald Cook behind bars

In February 2017, the Graham family will have to endure a second parole hearing; once again being victimized.

Help this family keep convicted murderer, Reginald Cook behind bars.


Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

770 W. Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio  43222

RE:  Reginald Cook – #A178768

Parole Hearing Date:  February 2017

Dear Chairman and Parole Board Members~

Please DO NOT grant a parole date to convicted murderer, Reginald Cook. On August 3, 1983, Cook (on probation at the time) entered Graham and Colton Television Sales and Service, which was owned by David B. Graham.  Without one word or provocation, Cook brandished a gun and shot Mr. Graham in the heart. Although mortally wounded, the victim made his way to a business next door, where he informed them he had been shot by a black man, who left behind glasses and a can of Mt. Dew on the counter.  Mr. Graham stated, “He didn’t have to shoot me; he didn’t even say a word”. Mr. Graham succumbed from his wound before emergency responders arrived.

Within a few days of murdering Mr. Graham, Cook and a friend robbed, at gunpoint, another business in the Columbus area.  This time he kidnapped two store employees in their own vehicle. His plan to kill them was thwarted when the friend convinced him otherwise, “You already killed that store owner”. The employees were soon released and were able to identify Cook’s co-offender through photo ID; he was arrested shortly thereafter and immediately requested a plea bargain in exchange for information on the murdered store owner. After a long period of time, Reginald Cook was eventually arrested after being aided, abetted and hidden by his family.  He received a 15 Years to Life sentence.

In February 2017, the Graham family will have to endure a second parole hearing; once again being victimized.  Reginald Cook must be held accountable for his personal choice to execute an innocent man for personal gain.  Because of his complete disregard for human life, the heinous nature and brutality of this senseless crime, complete lack of remorse and criminal history, justice demands this convicted murderer be denied parole.  Reginald Cook must remain behind bars where he can never again harm another innocent human being.  Cook chose to take David Graham’s life; he is gone forever.  Therefore, this murderer does not deserve a second chance or the privilege of freedom.

Please express your support and compassion for Mr. Graham’s family.  Deny parole to convicted murderer Reginald Cook for the maximum time allowed by State or Ohio law.

Thank you for your consideration~


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